Friday, November 21, 2014

Ballet Turnout

Ballet Turn Out  or Lateral Hip Rotation is the flexibility requirement in the internal rotator of the hip. First Position through Fifth Position as well as countless other dance techniques acquire
grace with the ability to comfortably turn out the hip.

Beside dancers other athletes and performers such a martial artists, figure skaters, soccer and football players and gymnasts rely on the hip turn out for  beautiful as well as powerful techniques.

To get a good lateral rotation, all the medial rotators need to be lengthening. Human body is designed with strong internal hip rotation. For this reason most people find each degree of turn out progress rather painful and unpleasant.

​Kinesiological Stetching techniques take each of those muscles apart and target their soft spots. By working several actions of each muscles and isolating it, Kinesiological Stretching techniques quickly make progress. Deep range of motion and strengthening techniques allow the progress to last and the new-deeper range of motion to be accepted as the comfortable and normal.

​The routine is designed to safely effective increase the turnout using proprietary kinesiological stretching techniques, combined with specific strength memory techniques for comfortable 180 turnout. Start training with your turnout program today and take your skills to the new level. 

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