Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Attitude Devant/Front Attitude

Attitude Devant or Front Attitude is Ballet/Dance position usually strength trained via bar assisted leg lifts into the technique. The flexibility is attained via relaxed stretches.

This program takes a different approach. The flexibility resistance to this exercise comes from medial hip rotators and hip extensors of the lifted leg. Anterior tilters of the pelvis also offer resistance through the standing leg.

Unlike the standard time consuming passive stretch method, this routine employs Kinesiological Stretching techniques. Each of the muscle that prevent the successful Attitude Devant is separate out and quickly lengthened, using one of it's own actions against the other. Because no action is held for long, stretch reflex is avoid and the results are seen right away.

Since in Front Attitude it's the opposite muscles that hold the pose to the one's being stretched, reciprocal inhibition techniques are intertwined with kinesiological stretches to master the skill even faster. You'll be surprised how fast easy the results come using this method.

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